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E-commerce Website Development Cost – How to Calculate It?

There are a lot of ready-to-use e-commerce platforms and most of those promise you easy to install access, a lot of features and nearly priceless usage, every e-commerce website is unique and has its own cost.

Usually, any site’s cost mostly depends on the features list you want your site to have. Often enough, this list depends on the annual company revenue, the sales season in your business, the feature’s quantity and intensity, product quantity and so on.

There are a few main points below that will help you assess how much may  your e-commerce website development cost.


Design is not only about color, style, logos, or button format, to name a few. It is more about creating the UI and UX, which will make your site simple and convenient for customers

It is especially important if you are an e-commerce site, then you sell not only some apparels, but also emotions to your customers. This is done so that any user which enters your site is able to quickly find what he needs with the pleasure of browsing your site. The user is much more likely to become your customer!

Nowadays, when people start browsing online stores form a mobile phone or tablet on their way home and make purchases from their smart TV’s, it is very important they see not only a beautiful and responsive interface, but also any device friendly and omnichannel ready online store design.

Resposive e-commerce website design

So investing in a well implemented and device friendly UX/UI design to provide the best shopping experience may greatly increase your revenue and bring you more customers.

Estimated time required to draw your site design depends on the complexity of your site (amount of interface features and web pages), and can be calculated only by professional designers. Usually, it takes about 2-4 calendar weeks for the average e-commerce site with mainly constant requirements.

Range of the e-commerce site design rates for different regions:
$10-12/hour – India, Pakistan, Vietnam

$20-40/hour – Ukraine

$50-75/hour – Western Europe

$65-115/hour and up – United Kingdom

$150-200/hour and up – United States

E-commerce platform and third party systems integration

In order to speed up and improve the quality of customer service most of the e-commerce sites use different CRM systems, customer support tools and also third-party shipping and payment gateways. Depending on the complexity and depth of integration with these systems can be spent different amounts of time.

3rd party systems integration

If you are not using them for now and you are just planning your e-commerce website development, then be advised that the most of e-commerce development platforms already have such tools integrated. For example Magento platform has nearly all basic built-in features you need for your e-commerce site including above mentioned systems and is easily modifiable to integrate the others.

But sometimes according to your special business demands you need some special functionality, which can’t be provided with the ready-to-use solutions. That is where you need a custom development to satisfy your business needs.

Here are average rates for the e-commerce website development in different regions:

$10-15/hour – India, Pakistan, Vietnam

$25-45/hour – Eastern Europe

$55-80/hour – Western Europe

$70-130/hour and up – United Kingdom

$150-200/hour and up – United States


Today there are a lot of different analytics systems. But most of the online stores reach the same conclusion, that they need more information about the users to efficiently use their resources.

So deep integration of specialized e-commerce analytics systems for gathering information about the customers and their lifetime value – is a special part of the list of demands in modern online store development.

Content management system

Though the most of specialized e-commerce platforms have very friendly interfaces and nearly anyone should be able to navigate daily tasks with relative ease in them, depending on the type of business and your online store structure, you may need some custom changes in them.

Usually such changes needed for further faster and more convenient use. Automating and simplifying certain processes may give additional advantages and save a lot of time for some more important things to do. Be sure you won’t like spending hours just changing the same thing in thousands of products or trying to add new promotional banner over your main page. It should be done quickly and painlessly.

Though integrating and making changes in such systems may greatly affect your website development cost, but it is what should be done.


Personalized shopping experience is the main trend of modern e-commerce business and website development. Creating a sense of personal and exclusive approach to each client, regardless of their number – that is what sells today. The implementation of a certain level of personalization can also significantly affect the cost.

Based on the observation and conversation with customers, online stores can gather customer information that can guide content, offers, interactions and recommendations, giving each individual customer a unique journey.

With every customer’s interaction with your site, a personalization system learns customer’s wishes, needs, and preferences. With this priceless information you may improve your customer’s shopping experience and make him your faithful customer.

That can bring you more revenue and sales than you may ever think. Because according to different researches customer retention six times cheaper than new customers acquisition! So think twice before giving up the personalization development for your site!


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Artem Petrov
Artem Petrov General Manager.

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