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Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

Magento Shopping Cart Design

Magento Shopping Cart interface will allow you to modify the Shopping Cart in order to provide your prospective customers with an opportunity to choose the products they want to buy, review their choices, make modifications to their order (if necessary), and make a purchase. Customizing the shopping cart increases the rate of conversions if you choose the right settings.

To customize your Magento Shopping Cart you will need to log into your Shopping Cart account and choose what you want to change. This might be the design of the background graphics, a custom picture for the product, descriptions of products, and various parameters that modify the Shopping Cart’s appearance and behavior. These parameters include:

  • Hide cart when empty
  • Cart opening time
  • Open cart on add
  • Currency
  • Aid
  • Product shipping method name

The following tips will help you design an efficient shopping cart:

  • Include both full page and mini carts.
    You get an option to create a fully functional shopping cart that will have its own page or the mini version of it displayed in the sidebar. Including both is the best practice as this enhances the shopping experience for the buyer.
    Good example of both types of carts:

Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

  • For enhanced convenience, the mini shopping cart should have an icon that will take the user to the full version.
  • The full shopping cart should have an easily readable table-based layout. Standard fonts and simple backgrounds are advisable for enhanced visibility.

Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

  • Make sure your Add to Cart button is clearly visible.
    A good example:

Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

  • Add a Continue Shopping link.
    Provide your customers with an opportunity to buy more products. It should be placed at the bottom of the full shopping cart page next to the Go to Checkout link. Example:

Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

  • Offer Tips and a Help button.
    Pop-out suggestions (Tips) are very useful as they provide the buyers with necessary assistance through every step of the shopping process. The Help button is a must as the buyer has to be able to get help immediately when encountering some problem. A Request a Callback is another greatly useful feature that should be included in your shopping cart.

Please note that there might be an issue when users click on the Add to Cart button multiple times, which leads to the product being added multiple times. The frustration that occurs when the buyer has to remove the items from the cart manually when processing the order can turn them away from your store.

A possible solution is to add a function that will disable the Add to Cart button after it was clicked. Ask your devs add a ‘loading.gif’ to be displayed on the page for a few moments before the Add to Cart button becomes active again. This should eliminate the problem and enhance customer satisfaction.

Mobile Commerce Options from Magento

Magento offers you an opportunity to create mobile storefronts optimized for mobile devices. It’s ESSENTIAL to use this chance as mobile e-commerce can help you increase your profits greatly. Magento provides easy admin panel management and supports native apps on iOS and Android based mobile devices. The system supports numerous checkout capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing store configuration and CMS.

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The Responsive Design technology offered by Magento is optimized to work for any device. It’s highly beneficial not only because of the customized design that increases the speed of use. It also offers additional SEO benefits as the design adjusts to match the Google’s preferred mobile sites optimization settings.

You also need to exploit the device-specific media capabilities as these visuals enhance the shopping experience and shouldn’t be denied to mobile users. When designing the mobile websites look make sure that the product details pages display all the relevant data. They should look ‘clean’ and uncluttered only featuring the essential buttons.

Magento Order Options Configuration

To configure all your Magento Order Options according to your needs you should go to the Magento Admin Area -> System -> Configuration. Now you should look into the Sales section to manage the following options:

  • Here you can configure Checkout Totals Sort Order, allow Reorder, set Minimum Order Amount, configure Gift Messages, and set logo for PDF Print-Outs and HTML Print View.
  • Sales Emails.
    The Magento built-in email functionality is great. You can add/remove email templates from the admin area (System -> Transactional Emails). In Sales Emails you can configure (enable/disable) the following notifications to your customers:
    • Order and Order Comments.
    • Invoice and Invoice Comments.
    • Shipment and Shipment Comments.
    • Credit Memo and Credit Memo Comments.
  • PDF print-outs.
    Choose whether you want to display the Order ID in the header for Invoice, Credit Memo, and Shipment.
  • Configure various tax options, including Tax Classes, Tax Display Settings, Tax Calculation Settings, and Fixed Product Taxes. Magento will create a Shopping Cart with both tax and shipping estimates that increases customer satisfaction.
  • Shipping Settings and Shipping Methods.
    This platform offers you the option of integrating real-time shipping rates from DHL, FedEx, UPS, UPS XML, and USPS. You can also set flat rate shipping per order or free shipping.
    Customers will have an opportunity to track their order progress from the site via their accounts.
  • This is where you configure Checkout Settings as well as your Shopping Cart and Payment Failed Emails.
  • Google API.
    Configure your Magento to work with Google Checkout and Google Analytics.
  • You can integrate Magento with multiple PayPal gateways.
  • Payment Methods, Payment Services, and Moneybookers.
    Magento allows you to accept numerous payment options. You can also use Magento Connect for expanding your list of payment extensions. The more options are available to your customers, the better are your sales as this increases convenience for buyers.

Once a customer places an order, you get a notification and can review it through Sales -> Orders. Here is what a Magento Order looks like to the admin:

Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

Press the orange buttons in the top right corner of the screen to perform different actions.

Customer Management in Magento

You can manage customers who create accounts on your Magento website from your admin area. Choose the Customers section and you will be able to manage Customers, Customers Groups, and Online Customers. Various settings allow you to monitor orders, wish list items, tags, reviews, and shopping carts.

Magento Shopping Cart Configuration Tricks

This platform offers you the option of integrating a variety of tools that will enhance the shopping experience of every customer. For example, a specialized Product Search feature will not only boost the customer satisfaction due to its Auto-suggest feature. This app will allow you to collect and analyze data from searches and use it to boost your revenue.

You can also manage newsletters mailing lists from here. The newsletters themselves can be configured and managed through the Newsletter section in your admin area. Creating templates and managing newsletter queue features allow you to boost your marketing effort quickly.



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