Provectus wins nomination for Great Place to Work
provectus best IT employer

SAN MATEO, Calif., November 1st, 2011 – Provectus, the leading provider of advanced software product manufacturing services, today announced that it has received a high honors award for being one of the Best Employers in the Ukraine's IT industry among the firms with less than eighty employees. 

The awards were announced by the prestige Developers Org Ukraine (DOU) in its first initiative to measure the satisfaction levels of IT personnel and, as a result, to recognize and to reward exceptional employers. (

Based on the scores of extensive on-line employee surveys, the winners were announced in four categories: 

Largest Companies with 800+ employees
Large Size Companies with 200 – 800 employees
Medium Size Companies with 80 – 200 employees
Small Size Companies with less than 80 employees 

Provectus employees were asked to respond to 30 statements – using a three-point scale ranging from strong agreement to strong disagreement – and covering eight key categories: My company; My Job; My Personal Development; My Salary; My Team; My Manager; My Workplace and My Happiness and Motivation. 

Responding to the award, Gene Galanter, Provectus, Inc. CEO, said: “It is a great honour for Provectus to be recognised as one of the Best Employers and Great Place to Work by the Development Org Ukraine. It is a privilege to receive this award and share it with the best companies in the Ukrainian IT Industry. We look forward to continuing our support for this innovative awards programme.” 

The overall survey revealed that satisfaction levels in the industry still have room for improvement, and the main role of the DOU is to alert employers to problem areas through a highly accessible and affordable survey. 

In announcing the award winners, Max Ischenko, DOU’s co-founder and survey author, noted: “Despite the astonishing growth of the IT Industry in Ukraine, there has never been a tailor-made measure of employee satisfaction. Companies entering DOU Awards are demonstrating a commitment to their employees, while employees have a long overdue opportunity to speak out, whilst being protected through anonymity.” 

“Provectus nomination and award even more astonishing when our company tenure is taken into the account”, said Nick Antonov, Provectus Founder and COO. “We are a one-year-old company competing in the industry field with strong and mature IT firms. It has never been a question for Provectus how to make this company truly remarkable…we always knew that human capital is our main asset. We act accordingly.”

About Provectus

Provectus is a leading full-service provider of Software Manufacturing services for global companies and startups around the world. 

Drawing from over 20 years of experience, Provectus recognizes that companies large and small thrive to bring innovative products to market faster than the competition, reduce the cost of product manufacturing lifecycle, improve product quality and to increase the overall customer retention and loyalty.