Since its foundation, Provectus has successfully established itself in the top list of the best IT employers in the country, both in the Ukrainian and international IT-market. Thanks to its dynamic growth, the company has opened offices in Odessa (Ukraine), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Kazan (Russia) which allows our employees to choose a location for their job. To simplify the move to other regions and help employees with the further adjustment to the new location, Provectus has created a "Relocation Program."

Kazan Expert Fridays

Expert Fridays is an informal dialogue, where each speaker has 10-15 minutes to provide a new topic for the conversation, and then during the process of discussion, critics and adversaries new knowledge and ideas are born. The initiator of these events is Konstantin Makarychev, front-end developer at Provectus. Expert Fridays meetings will be held once a month and touch upon various areas of the IT development world.

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Sales/Account Manager 29 Mar 2017 Odessa
Team Lead NOC 28 Mar 2017 Odessa
Senior .Net Developer 21 Mar 2017 Odessa
Project Manager 9 Mar 2017 Odessa
Middle PHP Developer 3 Mar 2017 Odessa
Big Data Engineer 1 Mar 2017 Kiev
NOC Engineer 20 Feb 2017 Odessa
Head of Data Science 8 Feb 2017 Palo Alto
Sr. Data QA Engineer/SDET 8 Feb 2017 Palo Alto
Data Scientist 8 Feb 2017 Palo Alto
Sr Big Data Engineer 8 Feb 2017 Palo Alto
Senior Java Developer 7 Feb 2017 Kazan
It-Recruiter 24 Jan 2017 Odessa
Product Manager 13 Jan 2017 Odessa
Data Analyst 13 Dec 2016 Kazan
Automation QA Engineer 16 Feb 2016 Odessa