Since its foundation, Provectus has successfully established itself in the top list of the best IT employers in the country, both in the Ukrainian and international IT-market. Thanks to its dynamic growth, the company has opened offices in Odessa (Ukraine), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Kazan (Russia) which allows our employees to choose a location for their job. To simplify the move to other regions and help employees with the further adjustment to the new location, Provectus has created a "Relocation Program."

Kazan Expert Fridays

Expert Fridays is an informal dialogue, where each speaker has 10-15 minutes to provide a new topic for the conversation, and then during the process of discussion, critics and adversaries new knowledge and ideas are born. The initiator of these events is Konstantin Makarychev, front-end developer at Provectus. Expert Fridays meetings will be held once a month and touch upon various areas of the IT development world.

Jira admin

13 Dec 2016

Sorry, this vacancy is now closed
  • We would need an experienced Atlassian administrator and solid Linux administrator. Most of our installs are on Linux. We tend to have more folks who know Jira and Confluence at the functional level, but less at the lower levels. The candidate would need to be able to have SSH access, be able to login to the host and restart the applications, understand the different DB's our clients are using, identify and resolve critical resource issues, identify network issues, and also handle the Jira and Confluence functional issues reported by clients.

  • Our primary need for support is when there are urgent P1 or P2 issues, where we need to respond within a matter of hours. These are often the case where the Atlassian application or host server is down, or connectivity with other network resources have failed, eg DB, LDAP server, SSO server, Proxy server, etc. Our other consultants are usually engaged with other clients and commitments and cannot drop their work quickly and shift to a support call. The lower priority requests can more easily be scheduled, with either the support team or other available consultants.
  • Functional JIRA and Confluence knowledge
  • Some Database level knowledge

Natasha Morozova
IT Recruiter
  • +38097 382 89 77
  • natalia..morozova
  • Five-day work-week within young and energetic team
  • Medical insurance and paid medical leave
  • Paid vacation
  • English language training
  • Professional seminars and trainings, Expert Days
  • Corporate social events
  • Comfortable office in the city center
  • Free tea/coffee/sugar/cookies/milk