Provectus' mission

To build innovative software technology solutions, design Big Data & Analytics solutions, scale DevOps environments , focus on Customer Success, and to help our clients achieve maximum growth, a competetive edge, and lead innovation in their respective industry's. 

About Us

Creating modern software technology solutions is a complex engineering discipline requiring experience and structured knowledge. Every technology leader is focused with a sustainable approach to continuous innovation and a technology edge over the competition.

We bring technology advisorship and CTO experience to those businesses with ambition for innovation and market leadership. Such partnerships are all built upon transparency, mutual benefit and commitment.

Technologies that are key to business grows are the main focus for us. We create solutions that help businesses make intelligent decisions, retain happier clients, and maintain a competitive market edge. In search for this edge, our minds are keenly geared for new ideas and technological challenges.


We are proud to have the lowest attrition rates in the industry among our employees. We value such loyalty in exchange for continuous advancement of employees careers, rapid development of their technical competencies and by offering highly competitive compensation and social benefit packages



PROVECTUS is a team of proactive experts in software development, design, QA , Big Data & Analytics, DevOps, and Business Consulting. Our combination of search methods and experience allows us to quickly and effectively find the right people who will be a part of our big and close-knit team. Our team works efficiently together as tea, you may find the PROVECTUS team biking trips, ping-pong , scavenger hunts and team building experiences.

About Us

“Our operation consists of a highly efficient group of motivated experts. The staff work as a unit, and with their combined effort, we provide optimal services for our clients.”

Gene Galanter, Founder/CEO
About Us

“We are a close-knit family, and together, we were able to achieve 100% of our goals. We aim to bring success to our clients by producing quality results.”

Nick Antonov, Founder/COO