Our offices service our clients , our consulting teams, and regional markets.  

Palo Alto, California


Located in sunny California and at the heart of America’s innovation hub in the IT industry known as Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is the ideal location to host Provectus’ HQ. With our head office being just minutes away from Stanford University, we are delighted to be around such talented individuals. Palo Alto is home to numerous giants in the high tech industry such as Google, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, PayPal, and many other household names. Not limited to being only a center of education and innovation, University Avenue offers a sense of California culture and warmth with it’s musical entertainment, fine dining, theatre, and more. With its cool Mediterranean climate, surrounding mountains, and The San Francisco Bay, the city is a wonderful place for the nature enthusiasts.

Office address: 125 University Avenue, Suite 290, Palo Alto, California, 94301.

Odessa, Ukraine


Considered the southern Palmyra of Ukraine it is truly an amazing city, captivating with its magnificent architecture. Due to its favorable geographical location, Odessa is a commercial, cultural, and industrial center of European significance. In summer, residents and visitors enjoy a relaxing beach holiday on the coastal zone of the Black Sea (our offices are superbly located just minutes from the beach). People of all ages and tastes can find something to do in Odessa: they can take part in sports competitions, sit in a cozy cafe, participate in the city quests, go to numerous theaters and night clubs or attend a conference. Friendly people from Odessa are always happy to welcome new visitors to the city. The city hosts 5 top of the line technical universities with more than a thousand information technology graduates per year and an additional two privately owned information technology centers.

Kiev, Ukraine


The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is one of the most beautiful, dynamic, and green cities in all of Europe. Around half of the city’s area is made up of ponds, parks, and green spaces.

Kiev is considered to be the political, industrial, scientific, and educational center of the country. It is a welcoming European city with a rich culture, deeply ingrained national traditions, well developed infrastructure, and a very active information technology community. The city hosts roughly 30 museums, 70 universities, 200 unique architectural monuments, 33 theaters, year round artistic exhibitions, local and international technological conferences, seminars, and trainings.

The city is truly comfortable to live in and progress one’s career path.

Kazan, Russia


Kazan is one of the major economic, political, and scientific centers of Russia; it is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The city has a unique convergence of cultures and customs of different peoples. Life is pulsing through the city as you walk about and visit the theaters, galleries, museums, exhibition halls, monuments, mosques, Orthodox and Lutheran churches, Jewish synagogues, and Catholic chapels, movies, hundreds of cafes and restaurants, concert halls, circus, and even amusement parks.Our office is located close to the center of the city with its windows overlooking the Kazan Kremlin, one of the main architectural treasures of the city. As the Republic’s capital and a major scientific center, Kazan boasts 44 institutions of higher education and the third oldest university in Russia. Hosting an office in Kazan gives us an unparalleled advantage in having access to an infinitely wide pool of engineering professionals.


“We attract top-notch talent in software engineering, architecture, business analysis, analytics, user experience and interface design, business development, post-production support, managed services, etc...”

Nick Antonov COO