Wearable technology inspires our team to create incredible software solutions that make such devices as Google Glass, smart watches and bracelets indispensable in the lives of many users and optimize production and other processes in business.

Smart Watches

Today the market of “smart” watches is experiencing a tremendous growth. Smart watches can be both standalone devices from well-known brands and gadgets that work in tandem with mobile phones. They create new scenarios in the use of conventional products, as well as open additional opportunities for a more convenient and expedient access to information.

We work with a variety of popular platforms for smart watches, and we can help you create or adapt your firmware and software to the trendy platform.

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Since wristbands ushered in the era of wearable gadgets, they are by far the most developed market. Health care companies, fitness industry, services for life safety and security create software solutions based on the use of bracelets that allows monitoring and tracking your fitness-related parameters in real time, accumulating and transferring them to your smartphone for further processing and analysis.

Our team can help you develop software for mobile or other devices that will interact with existing market bracelets from such brands as Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone, or any Bluetooth-bracelet created for your needs.

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Custom wearable solutions

Today, the consumer market of Wearables is not limited to “smart” glasses, watches and bracelets. It also includes accessories, sports equipment, stationery, and even items of clothing. Any solution often requires several software components, such as mobile applications and web services that provide interaction with the device as well the collection and analysis of the data.

Our team of business analysts will develop the best software support for your wearable solution in terms of functionality, user interface, as well as the technical component. Since we provide a full product development cycle, we will help you develop all successive steps, including design, development, and solution testing all the way up to the product launch on the market.

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