Provectus is run by a top leadership team who is passionate and committed to achieving the best results and reaching beyond limitations

Management Management
Gene Galanter CEO

Gene has over two decades of experience working with Industry leaders such as Computer Sciences Corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers where he held leadership positions and was responsible for delivery of complex software products for Fortune 500 clients. He served as the key strategist at Exigen Services Inc., and was the Director of Solutions Management at Imany Inc.

As the CEO/founder of Provectus, Gene is responsible for business development, building market strategies, and client management. On his spare time, Gene enjoys to play a friendly game of ping-pong with his friends and co-workers.

Management Management
Nick Antonov COO

Nick brings 16 years of software development experience in the Outsourcing Industry to Provectus. He has grown from the trenches of engineering to a leader with more than three-hundred employees under his supervision and has truly mastered the art of bridging cultural and organizational boundaries that are so common in software R&D outsourcing relationships. Over the years, he has shown a continuous track record of success, delivering large scale software R&D services and products to global Fortune 1000 firms worldwide.

As the COO, Nick leads the operation management process for Provectus, and provides leadership presence for all his employees. He is actively involved into company strategy development. For fun, Nick loves to ride his motorcycle and creating arts and crafts.

Management Management
Olga Hakkinen CFO

Olga holds the position of Finance Director at the Provectus headquarters. She has over 10 years of experience in management, finance, strategy, business development. Olga possess proven ability to collaborate with management in all disciplines to achieve business objectives. Some of her responsibilities range from monitoring cash flow, strategic planning, and setting-up client accounts.

Olga has an interesting smorgasbord of hobbies which range from sewing adorable women’s dresses, to riding her Honda CB400 red motorcycle down the pleasant streets of Odessa. Olga loves spending her Saturday afternoons hitting the GYM, as she is driven to create a healthy and balanced structure of life.

Management Management
Valeria Antonova HR Director

Valeria started her career in the IT industry 15 years ago. Her aim is building organizational capability, as she works with leaders to align strategies with culture in a sustainable way that fully engages employees' minds and hearts. She initiated and conducted automation processes that are being successfully operated now.

Valeria’s responsibilities at Provectus: leading the HR Department and recruiting teams, strategic planning, extending the regional offices of the company (Russia, Bulgaria, and new potential offices), development of corporate culture and policies, and employee education. Valeria is keen on playing board games as well as traveling around the world. She is quite the adventurous type, for she finds serenity in exploring unventured territories. She enjoys spending time at home with her family, and creating beautiful interior designs.

Management Management
Artem Petrov General Manager Mobile

Artem Petrov is an IT professional with over 12 years of experience in mobile development and UI/UX design, and 200 successful projects across all major mobile platforms, web, wearables, and Smart TV. With unique skillset including building new departments from scratch, he has been leading the Provectus Mobile Department from the inception.

Professional designer, he infuses the business solutions with a touch of creativity, which is a real asset to the company. Naturally for a creative person, Artem is fond of music, he plays the guitar, spends time playing tennis and leads an active life.

Management Management
Oleg Stukalov General Manager eCommerce

Oleg leads the eCommerce department at Provectus making the best use of his over 15 years experience in the industry. He is a passionate manager who strives for development of innovative and winning eCommerce solutions. Oleg demonstrated the ability to multi-task and effective management of multiple high priority projects while working for the largest Scandinavian fashion retailers Ellos (brands Ellos, LaRedoute, Jotex). Oleg is currently responsible for eCommerce business development and delivery management.

Beside being an accomplished and results-oriented executive Oleg is an active traveller who enjoys visiting novel places and exploring overseas countries and cultures.

Management Management
Stepan Pushkarev General Manager Kazan Office

Stepan Pushkarev brings over 10 years of software engineering experience, as he contributed his entrepreneurial, research, execution and technical expertise to all his work. Under his watchful eye, Stephan has helped send out countless successful projects. He leads the Kazan Department at Provectus, and drives Big Data, Data Science and DevOps practices.

Stepan is responsible for delivery management, software innovation, process set up, and more. One of his favorite hobbies is cross country skiing, but on his down time, he also enjoys spending time with his two young sons.

Our Strong Leaders

Management Management

This internationally qualified team of professionals have a deep understanding of the IT Industry and a wide range of experience. Together, the Provectus leaders have a rich knowledge and background supporting the growth and prosperity of the business. A team that plays together, stays together.