Selectica, Inc. – is a 15 year old firm specializing in Enterprise Contract Management (Enterprise software designed to automate the process of corporate contract authoring, negotiation and analysis)


Business Issue


By 2010 Selectica’s products and technologies have been neglected for the past five years.

The firm was loosing market share, so to revive the company’s strength and power and to revamp its product suite, the Board of Directors made a decision to hire a new, more creative and innovative R&D partner.

This analysis led to the decision to move full product development life cycle to the region traditionally associated with innovation, creativity and balanced price/quality ratio.

Selectica's new COO was the key proponent of such a transition. Selectica required building an Offshore Development Center initially with 30 employees in Odessa, Ukraine with the ability to scale up to 80 employees. Core technologies include J2EE, .Net.


Provectus formed an operating entity in Odessa in August 2010, spent two month hiring personnel, purchasing capital equipment and organizing the office facility.

Opened for operations in October 2010 with 25 FTEs and grew to 40 FTEs by December 2010.

Selectica Inception
Selectica Selectica team

In the first four weeks of operations the team was completely trained on the new technology platform and application functionality to become a major contributor to the current product release.

By December 2013, Selectica had transferred 90% of its R&D staff to its Odessa ODC office.




Reduced the cost of Selectica’s software manufacturing by more than half without compromising on quality and service levels.

Enabled Selectica to better position their business to address the future growth and changing market requirements.