Since its foundation, Provectus has successfully established itself in the top list of the best IT employers in the country, both in the Ukrainian and international IT-market. Thanks to its dynamic growth, the company has opened offices in Odessa (Ukraine), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Kazan (Russia) which allows our employees to choose a location for their job.
To simplify the move to other regions and help employees with the further adjustment to the new location, Provectus has created a "Relocation Program."

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How it works

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We selectively placed our offices in lively, up and coming locations that are equally entertaining and professional for our clients and business associates alike

Support details

As part of our relocation program, we provide assistance with the purchase of tickets, reimbursement of travel expenses, arranging a visa and a residence permit after the probation period, as well as finding accommodation. We are willing to consider other organizational issues related to the move on an individual basis.

If we consider the relocation within the country, the employee can get to work immediately after the successful completion of the interview. Moving to another country takes time connected with the the issuance of the necessary documents, so it can be implemented only after the probation period.

Relocation Arranging a Visa
Relocation Travel support
Relocation Residence permit
Relocation Accommodation


From the very first day, you get personal assistance from the HR-manager who will do anything to speed up and facilitate the process of your adaptation - to join the team, to get used to a new city, get acquainted with its infrastructure and features. Let your move be a new exciting phase in your life with new opportunities and prospects!