Blockchain for Tax

Reinvent data flow between clients, vendors, partners, and suppliers with a help of Blockchain and distributed architecture.


  • remove liability risk associated with storing sensitive data of the clients
  • improve efficiency and decrease cost associated with an audit
  • additional security level (hacking a service provider (tax company) does not lead to sensitive data breaches).


  • blockchain-based ledger
  • meets NIST, FIPS compliance requirements
  • supports regulatory, privacy, and security compliance needs set in the Finance industry
  • on-premise / (cloud-hosted environment under control of the client) deployment
  • integration with existing IS and workflows.

This is how we do it

Interactive data collection

Tax adviser conducts ASQ (Annual Service Questionnaire) with designated representatives of the customer (CFO, CEO, etc.).

This is an online, interactive two way process. It delivers a high quality, efficient service.

Secure and compliant treatment of data

Collected data is stored in a location of customer’s choice. All of the data is recorded using blockchain technology to make sure immutability, accuracy, auditability, and security.

Business Processes engine underneath

Based on collected data, additional self-service questionnaires are generated and are assigned to appropriate staff.

Data is extracted for creation of the actual tax return drafts.