Blockchain framework for Decentralized Solutions

Take your applications to the new level of security and trust with cutting edge Blockchain and Decentralized Applications technologies!

Decentralized Applications built on our framework’s easily configurable modules provide enterprises with an ability to rethink their processes compliance, efficiency, visibility and safety. The decentralized architecture with the absence of single point of failure or control ensures resilience and auditability. Practical approach to Blockchain tech usage, automated process of network onboarding and smart contracts deployment along with other aspects radically reduce the risk while improving the efficiency of development of decentralized applications.


Practical Usage of Blockchain

The framework uses Blockchain network only for operations where it is really needed and utilizes other technologies otherwise. The best tech possible for every type of operation is in the DNA of the framework, which significantly increases the overall application performance and scalability.


NIST/FIPS Compliant Data Encryption

The framework has built-in mechanism to encrypt data before storing it into underlying storages. Cryptography methods are NIST/FIPS compliant, which ensures the highest possible level of data security.


Modular Approach

The framework has a modular structure, so that your application can be easily enhanced with new capabilities. Every module allows reconfiguration with no additional overhead, so that functionality changes is not a headache anymore. Advanced access control is support OOTB.


Stability by Design

24/7 non-stop system stability monitoring with configurable emergency situations handling engine is an important part of the framework. Along with advanced actions and system state logging, it ensures enterprise-graded stability level of the applications built with the framework.


Works with any Blockchain (DLT) Network

Any blockchain network which supports decentralized applications approach can be within the framework. Currently having Ethereum as the main distributed ledger technology, we’re constantly looking into others as well to ensure that the best possible solutions are used in the applications


Application & Industry Agnostic

The framework can be used in any industry business solution, where usage of dApps and blockchain makes real business sense. It can be integrated into any kind of application using JSON-RPCl protocol, so that the framework can be smoothly used both in new solutions creation or enhancement of the existing ones.


JavaScript and Node.JS

The framework is written in modern wide-spread Node.JS programming language. It’s getting more and more popular among enterprises and startups, so that we’re sure the technology will keep on improving along with increasing size of Node.JS developers community


Database & Storage Agnostic

The framework has the abstraction layers to be agnostic to any database or storage. So we can select the best possible storage for your data purposes and use it in your decentralized solution. Or just keep going with the currently used application data storage


Automated Network Scaling

Onboard new network members easily and according to the decentralized principles. Deployment of blockchain peers, databases and other components is handled by automated scenarios.

Featured Case Studies

Blockchain for Healthcare and Medicine

Ensure privacy of the patient's data while providing opportunities for analytics and sharing of the obfuscated data with the third-parties and authorities


Therapy management service provider for public schools uses Blockchain to keep therapy data under the control of the therapists while feeding Medicaid billing data needed to claim the funds.

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