Adhere to the GDPR and decrease the cost of compliance.

What we do

We provide a solution based on a combination of own technology and customer-specific development services, that being combined allows our clients to adhere to letter of the law, and helps maintaining auditable and secure interactions between the owners of the data and the data processors around the GDPR.


PII Discovery

Defines PII data in a semi-automatic manner and helps you to minimize time associated with deciding which data shall be compliant with the GDPR.


GDPR-API Integration

Helps you to track interactions around the GDPR with the data owners and integrates typical functions associated with the GDPR in your product including

  • consent management
  • Pseudonymization(privacy by design)
  • immutable log of the activities
  • breach notifications
  • ‘forget me’
  • ‘right for erasure’.


Compliant Storage (AWS, Azure)

Migrate your existing data to the GDPR compliant data storage hosted on AWS or Azure.

The storage belongs to you an the access to the data is partially controlled by the data owners via distributed key management technology, thus limiting your data liability to bare minimum.


GDPR portal

Single point of contact for both your end-users (data owners) and DPOs that stores visual representation of all of the GDPR related requests of the data owners, and allows the DPO to act on this request in an automatiс or manual order.


Our platform fosters fast integration and development of the GDPR compliance solution for your company. It is not depended on a specific brand of the cloud resources provider, block-chain environment (private, public, bitcoin or ethereum).

Security Compliance

  • NIST-compliant AES encryption
  • IPS 140-2 Compliance
  • PCI DSS Compliance

Supported platforms

  • Cross-platform deployment
  • Published APIs
  • Blockchain vendor-agnostic
  • Public or Private blockchain
  • SaaS or Hosted Delivery

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