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Blockchain for Healthcare and Medicine

Ensure privacy of the patient's data while providing opportunities for analytics and sharing of the obfuscated data with the third-parties and authorities


Therapy management service provider for public schools uses Blockchain to keep therapy data under the control of the therapists while feeding Medicaid billing data needed to claim the funds.

Blockchain for Content Distribution

Use blockchain along with micropayments to power p2p networks that distribute content securely and without the middleman


The company uses our Blockchain-platform to promote democracy, freedom of speech and access to first-hand information in the most authoritarian parts of the world. Owners of the content control access, timing, anonymity, and monetization of the published pieces.

AI for business

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence for data management, content moderation and transcription.


Human-in-the-loop and ML algorithms that serve companies like IBM, Intuit and other CF customers.

Data QA

Machine Learning algorithms for data accuracy verification in multi-layered data environments.


Audience intelligence platform for with custom algorithms that powers Ninth Decimal's business.

Legacy Software Re-engineering

Migration from old platforms and technologies while supporting business critical processes and millions of paying customers.


Ticketmaster's LiveNation improved technical platform that powers 1,000,000 of ticket sales monthly while serving existing customer base.

Digital Transformation

Data, AI, and new technologies that improve reliability, accuracy and quality of the existing business processes, help to serve customers better and open opportunities for developing new services.

Men’s Warehouse

Suite of business apps that powers business of the leading US retailer.

Technical Consulting

Improve use of technology to decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Model N

Clever technical architecture helps Model N's SalesForce-powered platform improving customer retention.

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