Empowering tech-driven
companies to grow

In our work we follow only two key principles, but we do it
diligently. This is why our clients love us and allows us working
on the most challenging technical tasks for their business.


Profitable R&D

In practice we:

  • Train your people, consult you or scale your development
    capabilities – three options to ensure better ROI
  • Operate in four countries what means that we can use
    our global reach to fit your budget limitation or to ensure
    faster scaling


Meaningful client

In practice we:

  • Develop solutions by those people who have a
    distinctive expertise in your domain
  • Don’t override what you already have and know; we act
    only where you are lacking
  • Focus on the goals for new system and the end results
    so pick up the service from our portfolio that gives you
    results faster
  • Work on your schedule, have regular business trips
    onsite, relocate key employees

PROVECTUS is a team of proactive experts in software development, design, QA, Big Data & Analytics, DevOps, and Business Consulting that works efficiently together as team.


We have a six-year of success track-record that makes us confident about the values we stand for

We invest in people

We look for a “SWAN” (smart, works hard, ambitious, and nice) in all our candidates and when we get them on board, we keep investing in professional development with a set in in-house training programs and external expertise including.

  • Expert Days on DevOps, Big Data, Mobile, Enterprise Java, and JavaScript;
  • Hackathons where we field-test things like IoT, Block-Chain and other top technologies;
  • Soft Skills Clubs to help our team members develop intercultural communication, negotiating, time management and other skills useful at work;
  • Structured educational program Formula-1 with trainings and mentoring aimed at developing leadership skills, and PM Club for those of the employees that want to develop capabilities.

We create great work environment

Provectus has one of the lowest employee attrition rates in the industry because we pay extra attention to our employees’ workspace:

  • our offices are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology;
  • we ensure that our offices offer at least 110 square feet per person;
  • excellent location and great office design makes it easy to get to work in a fun way;
  • we pride ourselves in being a child-friendly company;
    support fitness activities and healthy lifestyle.

We invest in social projects

We do responsible business. Provectus heavily invests in local CSR activities including:

  • financial support and help to local charity organizations, orphanages and animal shelters;
  • promotion of tech among children through free courses on fundamentals of programming via the Scratch program, where children with our mentors’ help create animated characters, interactive stories, cartoons, and games.

We promote employees’ mobility

The Provectus motto is “Where talent meets opportunities.” We have four offices in EMEA and one in the US. This allows our employees to work from the location that fits their life strategies and our clients’ needs. In practice it means that our

  • employees can create great products and grow professionally in any location where we our our clients operate:
  • we have set up processes to simplify the transfer of our employees between Provectus locations;
  • we provide a “relocation program” with a dedicated support for those employees that want to move to the country where our client operates.

Leadership Team

Provectus is run by industry veterans with a combination of
technology, business and software delivery backgrounds


Gene Galanter


Gene has over two decades of experience
working with Industry leaders such as
Computer Sciences Corporation, Siebel and
PricewaterhouseCoopers where he held
leadership positions.


Nick Antonov


Nick brings 16 years of experience from the software development industry to Provectus. He has grown from the trenches of engineering and managed tot build in Provectus one of the best engineering cultures on the market.

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