Rethinking the strategy for building decentralized applications

Introducing Blockchain Framework for Decentralized Solutions

After several years in the field of blockchain and decentralized applications, we’re thrilled to release the framework which adopts the new practical approach to using Blockchain. It minimizes the blockchain disadvantages by using it with other complementary tech. Decentralized apps development is now within everyone’s reach!

  • Big Data Competency

    Devops Competency

  • Migration Competency

    Mobile Competency

  • Internet Of Things (IOT) Competency

    Marketing & Commerce Competency


TicketMaster’s LiveNation improved technical platform that powers 1,000,000 of ticket sales monthly while serving existing customer base.

Suite of business apps that powers business of the leading US retailer.

Clever technical architecture helps Model N’s SalesForce-powered platform improving customer retention.

Audience intelligence platform for with custom algorithms that powers Ninth Decimal’s business.

Human-in-the-loop and ML algorithms that serve companies like IBM, Intuit and other CF customers.

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