Professional Services for Apache Kafka

Design, build, deploy, and manage your Apache Kafka clusters and streaming applications with the help of Provectus Kafka experts

Unlock the full potential of Apache Kafka for your enterprise

A must-have component of large-scale, event streaming-based applications, Kafka can be challenging to set up, manage, and use in various real-world scenarios. With Provectus Professional Services for Apache Kafka, you can rest assured that your applications in need of data streaming and real-time analytics are handled in the most efficient manner.

Apache Kafka Consulting Services

Select one of our Apache Kafka consulting services and experience the benefits of our consultative approach to building fast, scalable, event-streaming based applications.

Batch to Streaming Modernization

Work with Provectus to design and build your data lake ingestion and processing pipeline, and the backbone of your data infrastructure, with a streaming-first approach. Ensure that the Change Data Capture (CDC) connectors supporting your incremental replication from multiple data sources and your data lake are always up to date.

Monolith to Streaming Microservices Re-Architecture

Provectus hands-on experts will help you redesign your legacy monolithic 3-tier application to a streaming-first architecture. Partner with Provectus to implement supporting infrastructure and best practices for IaaC, CI/CD, and observability, to help scale your application and development operations.

Cloud Migration for Apache Kafka

Safely replicate, migrate, and upgrade your Apache Kafka clusters from on-premises to your cloud of choice. Work with Provectus to evaluate different cloud options and select the most cost efficient option that meets your organization’s requirements.

Modernization of Apache Kafka Deployment

Modernize a self-hosted Apache Kafka deployment by moving into fully managed cloud-native services (including serverless options). Partner with Provectus to minimize your total cost of ownership, and tap into fully funded migration acceleration programs.

Managed Apache Kafka

Focus on your business and let Provectus manage your Apache Kafka infrastructure, including all related tools, services, and applications: schema registry, connectors, upstream and downstream integrations, IaaC, CI/CD, monitoring and observability stack, security components, and streaming applications.

Let's explore the potential of Professional Services for Apache Kafka for your business together!
Why Provectus?

Provectus Apache Kafka consulting professionals can help your business build Big Data applications, enable data streaming and processing, and integrate Kafka as a part of your existing systems for handling data in real time.

Provectus experts are hands-on in a variety of proprietary and open-source technologies. We offer solutions that are unique to your use case and desired outcomes.

How We Engage
1. Discovery Workshop
  • Assessment of your existing data infrastructure and business requirements
  • Exploration of current pain points of your data platform or solution
  • Review of existing strategy on available data sources and definition of data SLAs
  • Determination of security compliance requirements in data pipelines
  • Assessment of organizational structure and readiness for a specific architecture design
  • Exploration of available options for architecture and design
2. Strategy Formation
  • Design of infrastructure and processes for integrating streaming solutions, utilizing Apache Kafka, Amazon MSK, Amazon Kinesis, or other services, to meet your organization’s desired outcomes
  • Roadmap definition in regards of meeting your business KPIs by utilizing the streaming solution
  • Solution design and POC implementation for low-hanging-fruit use cases
  • Assessment of the requirements for business continuity through custom engagements
3. Solution Deployment
  • Setting up, deploying, and handling secure streaming data platform using Apache Kafka or similar services for building or integrating applications in need of data streaming and real-time analytic
  • Documentation and knowledge sharing for streaming infrastructure and applications developed for the production use
  • Monitoring, management, and improvement of the solution through health checks, version upgrades, cloud migrations, and performance monitoring
  • Apache Kafka Self-Service (also including support for Amazon MSK, Amazon Kinesis, EC2-type deployments, etc.)
  • Definition of SLAs and handling of Apache Kafka infrastructure and applications across various LOB’s
Provectus UI for Apache Kafka
A free open-source web UI designed and built by Provectus to make it easier to monitor and manage Apache Kafka clusters at scale. Look into your data flows to find and troubleshoot any issues faster and more efficiently, to achieve optimal performance.


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See the Provectus privacy policy for details on how we collect, use, and share information about you.