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Reinvent your IT operations, optimize and secure your technology infrastructure, and achieve operational excellence on AWS with 24/7 expert managed services


Drive growth and innovation for your business on AWS

Amid increasing competitive pressures, businesses today cannot waste the resources of their IT departments to handle routine operational tasks and manage AWS, or other cloud, environments.

With Provectus Managed Services, you can rest assured that your cloud environments are safe, secure, and optimized for cost-efficiency and compliance. Get 24/7 engineering support by our AWS-certified team, to stay focused on your core business operations!

Achieve Your Strategic Goals with Provectus Managed Services


Align internal and external resources to eliminate redundancies and minimize risks in day-to-day IT operations


Reduce labor and IT costs by moving away from a capital expense model and freeing up the resources of your engineering teams


Enhance IT security with 24/7 monitoring and protection of your networks, data, infrastructure, and other components of the AWS environment


Stay focused on your core business operations by eliminating the complexities of cloud environments

Managed Services
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & CPG
  • Education
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Legal & Law
  • Genetics & Biotech
  • Software Development & IT Services
Financial Services

The adoption of AI in financial services is driven by the need to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer experience, and stay competitive. By leveraging the power of AI, financial institutions can transform their operations to better serve their customers.

Major AI use cases include: fraud detection and prevention, risk assessment and management, personalized recommendations, customer service, trading, underwriting, financial planning and advice.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Organizations in HCLS are adopting AI to improve patient care and outcomes, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and bring new treatments to market more quickly and efficiently. With AI, healthcare providers and life science companies can better serve their patients and customers.

Major AI use cases include: personalized medicine, medical diagnosis, medical imaging, treatment planning, population health management, drug discovery and development, clinical trial recruitment, automation of redundant tasks (e.g. document processing).


Manufacturers adopt AI to increase efficiency, improve quality, enhance decision-making, and facilitate product customization. AI helps to optimize production processes and reduce waste, leading to significant cost savings.

Major AI use cases include: predictive maintenance and analytics, quality control and assurance, production planning and scheduling, supply chain optimization, product customization, energy optimization.

Retail & CPG

Retailers and CPG companies adopt AI to gain a competitive edge by moving faster and making better decisions than their competitors. AI drives various efficiencies, from enhanced decision-making and better customer service, to cost reduction.

Major AI use cases include: customer service chatbots and personalized interactions, inventory management, fraud detection, supply chain management and optimization, pricing optimization, product development, marketing and advertising spend management.


Adopting AI in education can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. With data analytics and text-to-speech and translation tools, AI enables educators to create personalized, interactive and engaging learning experiences while reducing costs.

Major AI use cases include: personalized learning, adaptive testing, tutoring and teaching assistants, student performance analysis, plagiarism detection, student engagement, course content generation, accessibility for students with disabilities.

Transportation & Logistics

AI improves transportation and logistics operations by optimizing vehicle routing and scheduling, predicting vehicle maintenance needs, and analyzing various sensor data. AI can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve service levels.

Major AI use cases include: route optimization and management, predictive maintenance for vehicles, warehouse optimization and management, demand forecasting, fraud detection, energy optimization.

Energy & Utilities

AI helps energy and utilities companies to improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce costs. These advantages are essential in industries where margins are tight. AI also helps to identify new business opportunities and detect areas with potential for growth.

Major AI use cases include: predictive maintenance of equipment and systems, energy consumption forecasting and optimization, network optimization, fraud detection, personalized customer service.


The use of AI in telecommunications is growing rapidly, as organizations look for ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage. AI can be used for predictions, to proactively address problems with hardware, cell towers, and power lines.

Major AI use cases include: augmented customer service, optimization of telecommunications networks, predictive maintenance of network equipment, fraud detection (prediction and resolution), network planning and upgrades.

Media & Entertainment

AI has every tool for the media and entertainment industry to create better, more personalized and engaging experiences for audiences. It can help to increase ad sales by allowing for personalized, real-time ad insertions.

Major AI use cases include: personalized content recommendations, audience analytics, churn prediction, optimization of advertising and marketing campaigns, automatic content optimization for search, content creation.

Construction & Engineering

AI helps construction and engineering businesses to stay ahead of the curve through more efficient project planning, site management, and defect detection. AI drives various efficiencies, to reduce costs and enhance the quality of any construction project.

Major AI use cases include: project planning and optimization, site management (e.g. worker safety, real-time monitoring), defect detection, predictive maintenance, optimization of energy consumption, supply chain and procurement management.

Legal & Law

AI is able to review and analyze large volumes of document data, and to identify patterns and trends that are not immediately apparent. It can help legal organizations and law firms to improve the efficiency and profitability of their work while enhancing customer service.

Major AI use cases include: document processing and data extraction, legal research for relevant information, contract analysis, predictive analysis for legal cases and disputes, augmented client services via chatbots.

Genetics & Biotech

AI enables genetics and biotech organizations to improve the efficiency and accuracy of research, increase profitability, and enhance the development and delivery of medical treatments. It can also dramatically reduce the risk of errors and oversight.

Major AI use cases include: at-scale analysis of genetic data, drug discovery and development, personalized medicine and personalized treatment recommendations, genetic diagnosis, clinical trial recruitment, disease diagnosis and prediction.

Software Development & IT Services

With AI, organizations can develop new products and services much faster and more effectively than their rivals. The adoption of AI in IT & software development can significantly improve processes, increase efficiency, and enhance the quality of products and services offered.

Major AI use cases include: AI-supported development of AI/ML products and services, AI chatbots for customer service, automated code generation and completion, automated testing, CI/CD-related automation, various data analytics use cases.

Managed Services
Managed Services
Building AI
Living in the Cloud
Data the right way
Delegating to AI
Managed Services

Provectus Managed Services

Full coverage of DevOps responsibilities within your organization, from infrastructure provisioning to SRE

Сloud-first data platform with a data lake ecosystem and data pipelines
for advanced analytics & BI

Managed MLOps platform for Data Scientists and ML Engineers or a fully managed end-to-end AI Solution.

How It Works

Provectus Managed Services can be provided as a customized or packaged* solution. Regardless of the chosen model, we start with a discovery workshop. Based on its results, we move forward with the pilot, scale, and managed solution phases.


*Covers the roadmap for all phases and provides up to 24/7 SLAs for the service

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Program Deliverables

  • IT operations efficiency assessment report
  • Short-term plan to achieve quick wins
  • Long-term assisted adoption roadmap
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan

The quality of Provectus Managed Services is determined by assessing such metrics as:

  • Time to Resolution
  • Time to First Response
  • Percentage of Resolved Tickets
  • Application Uptime
  • CI/CD Infra Success Rate
  • Infrastructure Uptime
  • Add your metric here

Supported Tech Stack


Methods & Approaches

  • GitOps
  • Canary Deployment
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Containerization
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Serverless Computing
  • Continuous Testing (CT)
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support

Challenges that Provectus Helps You Resolve


Proactive management of operational risks in a complex regulatory and compliance environment


Quick access to the right combination of technical, operational, and strategic capabilities


Business cost-efficiency achieved through the latest technologies and industry-leading strategies


At-scale growth and agility, delivered by a dedicated team of AWS-certified engineers

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