Modernizing Hospital Management Services with AI-powered Document Processing

The Customer utilizes its new document processing solution to quickly process claim and clinical data to drive BI & Analytics, and leverage data-driven insights for decision-making

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Our client is one of the leading providers of acute care hospital management services. Founded and owned by emergency medicine physicians, the company believes that having multiple clinicians help guide clinical practice leads to better patient care. Adhering to this principle, the client provides high-quality care to seven million patients annually, under more than 300 programs aligned with leading hospital systems in the United States.


The client was ready to begin a large-scale digital transformation, to gain capabilities to unlock the digital value from the vast amounts of information generated during a clinical visit. A machine learning-powered platform that could collect, process, integrate, and analyze various clinical data to drive the client’s BI and analytics was envisioned as a potential solution. The client needed assistance designing and building the platform.


In collaboration with the client, Provectus worked out a four-step strategy to develop a desired data solution. Given the sensitivity of clinical data, the platform was designed and built as a combination of Provectus’ IDP solution, Amazon Comprehend Medical, and other AWS services in a HIPAA compliant environment on AWS. Best practices for data engineering, MLOps, and machine learning were applied to deliver the final solution.


Our client received a comprehensive document and data processing platform for BI and analytics, built on a foundation of Provectus’ IDP solution and AWS services. The platform enabled the client to capture, structure, and integrate clinical data in various forms and formats. The client gained the ability to look into the data, create accurate analytics dashboards for BI teams, and leverage unlocked insights for business growth.

Ability to quickly and accurately extract information from various types of documents

End-to-end solution that identifies relationships and integrates data from non-digital and digital sources

Rapid access to data-driven insights at every stage of the professional medical services lifecycle


Acquiring and Integrating Clinical Data in Various Formats to Enable BI & Analytics

Our client is the nation’s leading provider of acute care management. The company manages emergency, observation, and critical care departments across the country, which positions it uniquely as a facilitator at every stage of the professional medical services lifecycle.

As a bid to further improve the quality of its services for partners and patients, the client was looking to start a large-scale digital transformation with the goal of unlocking the digital value from the vast amounts of data generated during a clinical visit.

Specifically, the client wanted to gain the ability to acquire, integrate, and leverage various types of claim and clinical data in a digital and structured format for Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics. By making all data from the professional medical services lifecycle easily accessible across the organization, they would be able to garner business-critical insights, for improved decision making. Better access to integrated, structured data would also enable the client to explore intelligent automation and machine learning use cases.

Given the complexities associated with handling claim and clinical data, building a solution for capturing, structuring, and integrating information from various types of non-digital and digital documents can pose considerable challenges. It would require developing a robust document and data processing platform with a HIPAA-compliant medical data lake, and advanced document processing capabilities.

After exploring the solutions available on the market, the client opted to join forces with Provectus, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with AWS Data & Analytics, and Machine Learning competencies, to develop such a platform based on the Provectus Intelligent Document Processing solution.


Combining Provectus IDP Solution and Amazon Comprehend Medical for Clinical Data Processing

To define the scope of work, the Provectus team launched a discovery workshop to review the client’s business needs, technology stack, compliance and regulatory requirements, and to provide guidance on the solution architecture, tools, and budget. To develop the document and data processing platform desired by the client, we came up with a strategy that included four phases:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Solution for BI
  • Solution Scaling
  • Managed AI

In phase one, Provectus built a foundation capable of rapid, at-scale processing of different types of document data. It included preparing high-quality labeled datasets for training ML models, establishing an MLOps infrastructure for reproducible ML experimentation on AWS, integrating and automating ML pipelines with on-premises systems and existing business workflows, and improving ML models used as part of the desired platform. The infrastructure was designed to accommodate an active learning cycle with human in the loop for ML models. The work was done in a HIPAA-compliant environment on AWS that was securely connected to an on-premises gateway set up for ML modeling and exploratory data analysis.

In phase two, Provectus built on top of the data engineering foundation, to empower it with parts of the existing Provectus Intelligent Document Processing solution and AWS services, such as Amazon Comprehend Medical.

amazon comprehend medical

A series of project-specific customizations were completed to ensure that different types of claim and clinical data, including patient demographics (address, phone number, health insurance carrier, etc.) could be extracted and integrated in structured formats. Highly accurate ML models made certain that all types of data could be captured compliantly, and that relationships between extracted data were properly identified, to simplify the BI and analytics work.

In phases three and four, Provectus scaled and began to support the delivered document and data processing platform, to enable the client to process various document data at additional websites. The scaling efforts allowed the client to provide access to data analytics to more teams and BUs across the organization, resulting in improved decision making.


Leveraging Clinical Data as a Source of Critical Insights for Driving Business Growth

The new document and data processing platform (IDP Platform) delivered by the Provectus engineering team enabled the client to more efficiently provide and support the professional medical services rendered during medical treatment.

The client received an advanced instrument to collect, process, and analyze all types of data in various formats from different types of documents, including non-digital and digital sources.

By unlocking digital value from the vast amounts of information generated at every stage of the professional medical services lifecycle, the client was able to elevate their BI and analytics, significantly improve decision making across the organization, and accelerate business growth.

More specifically, the implementation of the IDP Platform enabled the client to:

  1. Process and analyze claim and clinical documentation in non-digital formats faster, more accurately, and on a larger scale
  2. Extract and integrate information from unstructured clinical data, despite the lack of a predefined data model
  3. Facilitate automation for document processing and data analysis at every stage of the professional medical services lifecycle
  4. Eliminate error-prone, inefficient, and expensive methods of entering data from paper and electronic documents into tables
  5. Access and leverage business-critical insights about all parties using or providing professional medical services through BI and analytics

By having all data easily accessible at its fingertips, the client was able to drastically improve data visibility, transparency, and awareness throughout the business. It created a strong foundation to explore intelligent automation and machine learning use cases. Most importantly, the platform provided the client with an advanced tool for quick and confident decision making, helping them to drive business growth at an accelerated pace.

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