Intelligent Document Processing


Streamline processing of large volumes of various documents — from information extraction to business insights — with Provectus’ Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

Solving your document processing challenges
with AI and automation

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) gives you the ability to automatically transform any type of semi-structured or
unstructured information into easily discoverable and usable structured data. Power your internal workflows and drive
AI/ML, and Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics initiatives, end-to-end.

IDP can help your business unlock value from all types of
documents, and more

Enhance your document processing
operations with AI, quickly and
at scale


Power digital transformation
and analytics projects through
AI and data


Optimize processes and reduce
project lead times with ML-driven

Learn why conventional OCR
document processing no
longer cuts the edge
Unlocking critical business data with Provectus IDP

Provectus IDP is a white-box solution that is integrated with a human-in-the-loop UI, retraining pipelines, and custom-built NLP models that cover edge cases not covered by original AWS, Azure, and GCP services. Provectus IDP can be deployed on top of existing services like Amazon Textract, to combine the best of two worlds — a fully managed OCR engine and custom-built CV/NLP models.


Structured and unstructured data, including invoices, contracts, insurance claims, shipment orders, Bill of Lading, etc.

Solutions by industries

Finance & Banking




Supply Chain & Logistics

Government & Legal

Unlock the power of Provectus IDP to handle invoices, KYC, income statements, purchase orders, and loan applications. Highly accurate and fast processing is a driver of business excellence and customer satisfaction.


Administrative personnel and doctors spend no less than 50% of their time handling paper documents. An automated solution could turn scanned documents structured, easy to search and manage formats, to save time and drive analytics.


Quickly process and get access to data from insurance claims, mortgage papers, various contracts and forms. Achieve the speed and accuracy of document processing and management that your clients expect, with Provectus IDP.


Any manufacturing facility has the need to process dozens of thousands of contracts, purchase orders, change requests, bill of materials, and QA records. AI-powered Provectus IDP can keep your business operations running smoothly.


Shipping labels, proof of delivery, bill of lading, order tracking, invoices, and other logistics documents can be handled with AI IDP to improve supply chain efficiency, by reducing the gap between analog and digital operations.


Immigration applications, tax assessment forms, education enrollment papers, legal contracts, discovery documents, and legal filings — all contain valuable information ready to be extracted. Try Provectus IDP to ensure fast, at-scale processing.

End-to-end document automation, from data to insights,
with Provectus IDP
Pre-built solution

The Provectus IDP platform enables you to either start with a pre-configured deployment for industry-specific use cases, or implement complex, more specific use cases based on the needs of your organization.

Models customized for accuracy

Provectus trains and retrains the available models for every customer, enabling high-quality models stacked on top of Amazon Textract to outperform competitors on a given range of documents.

Continuous learning system with HITL

The built-in human-in-the-loop system allows for the review of disputed cases and the input of corrected data into the ML model, to increase data extraction accuracy while ensuring the continuous learning of AI.

All types of documents covered

IDP is designed and built to process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents. Industry-specific customizations ensure accuracy for every use case.

Zero data security risks

Provectus is an SOC 2-compliant company that ensures the highest security and compliance standards. We follow best practices for cloud security, in accordance with each cloud provider.

Streamline Your Document Processing Ops with IDP
Reduce the cost of document
processing operations

IDP-enabled operations are 2-8x more cost-efficient than manual processing, 30% more than legacy OCR solutions, and 10% more than modern cloud solutions

Accelerate time to value
for AI & Analytics projects

Easy-to-discover and understand data is the lifeblood of AI solutions. IDP enables you to transform data into usable formats faster and at scale, to drive AI adoption.

Improve strategic business
outcomes with insights

IDP empowers you to access and use insights unlocked from data. This means more efficient, accurate and strategic business decision-making.

Increase the accuracy and
speed of processing

IDP ensures 10-30% quality improvement over documents processed by cloud services or standalone solution vendors

Create synergy through
integrations with RPA/BPM

IDP makes data easier to use in various RPA and BPM solutions, to streamline operations from data to insights.

IDP consulting and implementation services

Provectus delivers a comprehensive IDP solution that meets your demands in terms of agility, customization, speed of delivery, and cost-efficiency. Our team of AI experts works their way from a fully funded POC and a pre-built solution deployment, to the solution’s customization and enhancement via Managed AI Services.

What’s included in your Managed AI package?

Initial deployment of the
IDP solution


Solution management
and 24/7 support


ML model monitoring
and retraining


Updates and bug fixes

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