Designed with a client in mind

Tech-driven companies approach us to improve time to innovation, develop technology prototypes, and to scale software development capabilities to overcome the competition.


Data Engineering and AI Consulting

  • Machine Learning Engineering
  • Algorithms Development
  • HCI through Natural Language Processing
  • Engineering of Big Data platforms
  • Data Accuracy (Data QA)

Product Development

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Legacy code re-engineering
  • Scaling development capabilities (ODC & MDC/Managed R&D)

This is how we do it


Agile Value Delivery

Stop when you are fine with the value delivered, but not when you are done with the ‘project.’

We help you to design scope, provide complete transparency over the delivery process and allow to save money by avoiding lifelong commitments (12-weeks remote sprints).

Stop when the value is reached, launch when you need, and continue when you are ready to unleash the new pile of business value.

Remote productivity

Remote teams give much better results than collocated as these teams are more intervention prone, have more alone time and therefore spend time coding not talking. We know how to build effective remote work for our clients and even educate others on how to do it

We work with hybrid onshore/offshore model that gives both the sense of control and cost efficiency.

Our employees cooperate over client’s ideas and code and with the help of Atlassian software and modern communication and video-conferencing tools we keep a close daily contact with you.

Technology Agnostic

We think business and domain but not technology. It means that together we pick up technologies and skills needed to address the problem, not vice versa.

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