Apache Kafka Migration to Amazon MSK

Reduce TCO of managing Apache Kafka clusters by migrating your streaming data processing capacity to Amazon MSK

Spend less time managing infrastructure and more time
building applications by moving
your Apache Kafka to AWS

Apache Kafka is a leading distributed event streaming platform operating in a $1.8 Bn market. Apache Kafka deployments and clusters are used by 20,000 enterprises that need high volume stream processing, but they are difficult to run and manage on-premises. The explosion of data has created a growing need for cost-effective real-time analytics, now provided by AWS through its Amazon MSK service, at 40-50% less cost.

Apache Kafka
Is Used For


Transaction and
event sourcing


Real-time web
and log analytics






Streaming ETL

Challenges of Using Apache Kafka

Difficult to set up

Hard to achieve high availability

No console, no visible metrics

Tricky to scale

AWS integrations need development

Requires engineering talent

Professional Services for Apache Kafka

  • 01.
    Batch to Streaming Modernization
  • 02.
    Monolith to Streaming Microservices Re-Architecture
  • 03.
    Cloud Migration for Apache Kafka
  • 04.
    Modernization of Apache Kafka Deployment
  • 05.
    Managed Apache Kafka

Batch to Streaming Modernization

Work with Provectus to design and build your data lake ingestion and processing pipeline, and the main backbone of your data infrastructure, with a streaming-first approach. Ensure that the Change Data Capture (CDC) connectors supporting your incremental replication from multiple data sources and your data lake are always up to date.


Monolith to Streaming Microservices Re-Architecture

Provectus hands-on experts will help you redesign your legacy monolithic 3-tier application to the streaming-first architecture. Partner with Provectus to implement supporting infrastructure and best practices for IaaC, CI/CD, and observability, to help scale your application and development operations.


Cloud Migration for Apache Kafka

Safely replicate, migrate, and upgrade your Apache Kafka clusters from on-premises to your cloud of choice. Work with Provectus to evaluate different cloud options and select the most cost efficient option that meets your organization’s requirements.


Modernization of Apache Kafka Deployment

Modernize a self-hosted Apache Kafka deployment by moving into fully managed cloud-native services (including serveless options). Partner with Provectus to minimize your total cost of ownership, and tap into fully funded migration acceleration programs.


Managed Apache Kafka

Focus on your business and let Provectus manage your Apache Kafka infrastructure, including all related tools, services, and applications: schema registry, connectors, upstream and downstream integrations, IaaC, CI/CD, monitoring and observability stack, security components, and streaming applications.

built by developers, for developers.

Versatile, fast and lightweight Web UI for managing Apache Kafka® clusters.

Why Amazon MSK?

Eliminate the complexity of managing
Apache Kafka by moving your
workloads to Amazon MSK,
with minimal downtime

Amazon MSK is a fully managed service for building real-time streaming data pipelines and applications using Apache Kafka’s native APIs. Amazon MSK reduces operational overhead and makes it easier to fill data lakes, stream changes to and from databases, and power machine learning and analytics applications.



Amazon MSK is fully compatible with Apache Kafka and its open source tools. Kafka apps can be migrated to and run on AWS without changing their code.


Amazon MSK allows to provision, configure, and manage Apache Kafka clusters and Apache ZooKeeper nodes, as well as track performance metrics with ease.

Elastic Stream

Amazon MSK allows to provision, configure, and manage Apache Kafka clusters and Apache ZooKeeper nodes, as well as track performance metrics with ease.


Amazon MSK allows to create and replicate Kafka clusters. Cluster health is monitored continuously to automatically replace failed components.


Amazon MSK secures Apache Kafka clusters through VPC network isolation, API authorization, at rest encryption, and more.

Why Move to Amazon MSK?

For Technology Leaders

  • Faster and easier setup, maintenance, and scaling of Apache Kafka clusters
  • Better data durability, cluster availability, and scalability
  • Increased team efficiency, less time spent on cluster maintenance

For Business Executives

  • Reduced maintenance and operational overhead
  • Faster time to market for applications
  • PCI-DSS, SoC 1/2/3, and HIPAA compliant

Migration Scenarios




Apache Kafka on-premises or Amazon EC2 to Amazon MSK. This migration pattern is also referred to as Lift-and-Shift.




Any Apache Kafka distro or cloud service to Amazon MSK with a new architecture and complementary services to provide additional functionality, observability, scalability, reduced cost, and flexibility.



NextGen Architecture

Moving an Apache Kafka workload to AWS and creating a new architecture, which may include Containers, Streaming applications, etc. The workload remains the same or with added functionality.

Migration Considerations We Address

High availability and disaster

Near real-time topic mirroring with
the shortest possible lag

Performance tuning to achieve
the highest performance

Zero downtime for downstream application
via an organized cut-over

Data migration challenges related to
data volume, variety, velocity, and

Configuring a right-sized cluster
with scalability

Not sure how to kick off the migration?
Request an Amazon MSK Migration Workshop


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