Worker Health Safety

Minimize disease transmission risks for your
customers and employees

Industry Challenges and Trends

Unlike labs or research centers where safety culture is the norm, industries as diverse as retail, logistics, and transportation are increasingly vulnerable to public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. While attempting to establish a “new normal” as the narrative evolves, organizations are looking for ways to minimize health risks, curb anxiety, and reinvigorate sales.

Amid the pandemic, customers and employees are regarded as a source of risk, which forces businesses to follow PPE compliance and social distancing guidelines, as recommended by the WHO. The use of PPE must be constantly enforced through AI-enabled real-time monitoring,
to ensure that both employees and customers wear face masks and maintain safe distancing.

Worker Health Safety:
A Face Mask and
Social Distance
Monitoring Solution

Worker Health Safety is an image and video classification solution designed to detect face masks, scarves and respirators — PPE items that reduce transmission risks for aerosol transmissible diseases such as COVID-19. In addition, the solution enables social distance measuring and monitoring. The ML model is trained on public datasets of crowd footage featuring individuals wearing a wide range of face masks, scarves and respirators.

Real-World Case

Our Client under NDA is a global retail grocery store chain. To reduce risks of infection for workers and customers, they wanted to implement data-driven analytics as part of their in-store safety measures. Their pilot store’s CCTV monitoring system is linked to the machine learning infrastructure in the cloud. The system is designed to perform real-time checking of workers and customers, to ensure they wear masks and follow social distancing rules during business hours. The system has proven effective in reducing risk-induced anxiety and increasing confidence in environmental safety among customers and store workers. It is also able to visualize social distance monitoring of checkout lines.


Real-time detection of face masks, respirators
and fabric/textile covers


Social distance


Elastic and cloud-agnostic video processing
infrastructure that scales for an infinite number
of video sources


Ease of integration with existing alert systems,
data platforms, and rule execution systems like
physical access control solutions

How It Works

CCTV cameras broadcast a video stream to a remote cloud processing infrastructure via an internet connection. With every video frame analyzed through the Provectus image classification model, the customer gets the latest aggregated data about their safety state and optional configurable alerts for auditors who can quickly address inappropriate situations. Provectus does not own your data, since data analysis and storage are handled within the customer's cloud environment, making it compliant with all major personal and health information acts.



Improve workplace safety

  • Minimize disease transmission risks for workers and reduce production stoppages
  • Localize transmission risks through contact traceability

Data-driven safety process engineering and decision-making

  • Attract customers to your business/service while keeping them safe and informed
  • Helps businesses gather data and monitor how well safety culture is adopted and informed

Comply with local regulations

  • Impose governmental and common sense norms of social distancing
  • Ensure auditing organizations of your business compliance

Make use of CCTV or access control cameras

  • Elevate your surveillance infrastructure efficiency to address new challenges