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to AI Success

The path to AI adoption is paved with obstacles. Lacking structured data and proper infrastructure, they are looking for state-of-the-art solutions to help them prepare for AI adoption organization-wide. Easily integrated, they accelerate PoC delivery to execute a pilot project and to evaluate its business impact on the fly.

Time to Market

The 80/20 concept is our secret sauce to deliver comprehensive AI solutions that meet customers’ demands in terms of agility, customization, speed of delivery, and cost-efficiency. A cocktail of proven technology, business transformation expertise, and customer-centric approach ensures customer success.

80% out of the box to
accelerate time to value

The in-house expertise we applied and tested on various customers, we turned into easy to integrate solutions that drive instant results, thereby accelerating time to value.

20% customizable for
a competitive edge

The flexibility of our solutions allows for deep customization using industry-specific client’s data, environment and business processes, thereby driving a competitive edge.

AI Solutions


Agility, data and infrastructure quality, and customer engagement


Effort to deliver AI solutions, time to market, and cost of development

Delivery Chain for Foundational AI Solutions

Problem & Data

Having discovered a problem and a resolution, we proceed to acquire data to start delivering the solution

Pre-Built Solution

We adopt and customize our 80/20 solution to your business

Tailored Solution

We deliver a ready-to-use AI solution, provide next-steps, coach your tech staff, and ensure continuous support

Discovery Workshop

We assess the current state of technology in your organization and define the solution

Solution Delivery

We build and integrate a proposed solution in your business

Knowledge Transfer

We educate and coach your tech staff to maximize a technology’s value for your business

Proof of Concept

We demonstrate a simplified solution using industry-specific datasets

Managed Services

We provide continuous support to ensure resilient solution performance and efficient cloud operations

Start with a Discovery Workshop

Kick off your
AI transformation

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See the Provectus privacy policy for details on how we collect, use, and share information about you.