Streaming Data Platform for AI Business

The Streaming Data Platform is a cloud-native solution that enables real-time data analytics and serves as a foundational service for AI. This well-architected platform accelerates time-to-market and mitigates technology risks.

Challenges & Trends

Organizations using legacy data infrastructure find challenging to capture and analyze data at scale in real time amidst massive growth. They are looking to migrate their outdated data solutions to cloud-native data platforms to enable real-time data analytics.

Organizations seeking to leverage AI lack the essential infrastructure and data platform. They are looking for a real-time data analytics solution that provides immediate value and serves as a platform for innovation. There is a need for a readily available solution with high customization capabilities.


High Customization vs. Ready to Go? Get Both


  • Streaming Data Platform certified for AWS, Azure, GCE or Kubernetes (on-premise)
  • Data Security foundation (Role-based authentication, data encryption, data anonymization, PII Data removal)
  • Data quality, timeliness and completeness monitoring infrastructure
  • Data Governance infrastructure
  • CI/CD for data pipelines
  • Cloud agnostic distribution on Apache Kafka or cloud native version on Amazon Kinesis and Azure Analytics

customizable for a
competitive edge

  • Data Pipelines architecture, implementation and optimization
  • Migration of legacy data pipelines to the cloud
  • Integration with various data sources and consumers
  • “How-to” training for engineers and managers


Foundation for AI Solutions

Makes data available for training and serving machine learning models in realtime and always consistent data streams

Streaming-First Architecture

Powers and provides governance for a data lake ecosystem

Cloud-Native Solution

Converts expensive, outdated infrastructure into an efficient cloud platform

Unified Architecture

Reference architecture for data ingestion, processing, machine learning and business applications

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