Intelligent Document Processing

Eliminate manual data
entry, tap into
unstructured text data

Despite extensive digital transformation, most companies have not adopted fully paperless processes. Heavily reliant on manual data entry and data processing, they experience operational inefficiencies and workflow bottlenecks, and limit their access to insights from advanced analytics. Organizations seek to process paper documents more efficiently and to smoothly merge data from paper and digital sources. They need an AI-powered solution to turn paper documents into structured data that goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR), to drive omnichannel and analytics transformations.

Value Unlocked


  • Faster speed
  • Lower price
  • Better precision
  • Improved compliance


  • Improved employee and customer experience
  • Enhanced agility, compliance, and responsiveness

Document Processing Framework

icon Input: Scanned Documents
icon OCR + NLP+ Human-in-the-loop

Digital Documents

icon Data Analytics
icon Actionable Insights

Text data (input) is captured from a wide range
of sources and interpreted by ML algorithms

Converted data (output) triggers internal workflows to drive
analytics, ML, and other initiatives, or accessed by stakeholders as-is

Exceptions are checked and validated with the
human-in-the-loop system

The results are delivered to stakeholders through
digital channels for decision-making

Use Cases

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Highly manual, repetitive activities like data entry and document processing are best to automate, not only to reduce operational costs, but also to make data flows more flexible, ready for analytics. Faster access to digital data is key to smooth operations.

Streamline operations and improve
decision-making in your organization

Document Processing
in the BFSI industries

Workers in banking, financial services, and insurance handle dozens of thousands of invoices, KYC, purchase orders, insurance claims, loan applications. Highly accurate and fast processing is a driver of business excellence and customer satisfaction.

Achieve the speed and accuracy of
document processing your clients expect

Handling Paperwork
in Healthcare

Administrative personnel and doctors spend no less than 50% of their office time handling various types of paper documents. An automated solution could turn scanned documents structured, easy to search and manage formats, to save time, drive analytics.

Speed up your front- and back-office
paperwork, access insights faster

Documents for Automated Processing
Can Be Found in Almost Any Industry

Banking & Finance

  • invoice processing
  • income statements
  • bank statements


  • insurance contracts
  • insurance claims
  • mortgage papers


  • patient onboarding
  • medical records
  • claim-related documents

Human Resources

  • HR records
  • employee onboarding


  • custom declarations
  • driver logs
  • maintenance logs


  • purchase orders
  • change requests
  • QA records

Supply Chain

  • shipping labels
  • proof of delivery
  • bill of lading
  • order tracking


  • education enrollment applications
  • immigration applications
  • tax assessment forms

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Automated Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing solution combines the power of Amazon Textract’s OCR capability and Provectus’ proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Going beyond simple character recognition and data extraction, the solution comprehends the text, identifies and matches the contents of various types of documents to aggregate them in tables. It flags disputed cases for human review, to increase accuracy, and it ensures that the system self-learns and improves over time while keeping humans in the loop.

Types of Documents Processed









How It Works

Highly accurate processing and matching of documents in various formats.


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