Achieving Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing with AI & Computer Vision

Marmon brings efficiencies to the manufacturing floor by utilizing Computer Vision and Video Analytics, to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce idle time, and improve ROI

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Marmon Holdings, Inc., part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is a global industrial organization comprising more than 100 autonomous manufacturing and service businesses. Each Marmon business entity operates independently within a group structure that provides access to the expertise of other businesses with related products and services, or that serve the same customers or markets. Marmon manages over 400 manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities, and employs more than 20,000 people worldwide.


Marmon Holdings was looking to integrate a Computer Vision (CV) solution to analyze and optimize manufacturing appliances at the McKenzie Valve Plant. By adding more visibility to how machines were being used (i.e. data showing the run vs idle time), Marmon’s operations team wanted to eliminate production bottlenecks and improve ROI while ensuring low implementation costs.


The CV solution delivered by Provectus and Marmon’s IT team is able to detect the color of indicator lights on the machines and send notifications when the colors change via the IoT protocol. Video feeds were processed on the AWS Panorama appliance, an edge device for ML workloads. The solution was built so that it could be easily scaled across other Marmon Holdings plants.


By implementing Computer Vision as part of its manufacturing process, Marmon is able to collect more data about the usage of its machines and gain visibility into its workforce. The CV solution enables Marmon’s operations team to check the run vs idle time for every machine, and to optimize their processes. The solution is ready to be scaled across the network of Marmon Holdings plants.

Highly accurate ML model that detects machine utilization

Critical insights on operations at the facility

Project and required installations delivered in 5 weeks

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