AI Foundation for Your Business

Building a foundation to prepare your business for AI transformation


The path to AI adoption is paved with obstacles, from the absence of a strategy to functional silos. Organizations lack structured data and proper infrastructure to introduce AI to their business operations, or fail to fully embrace the benefits of AI due to limited relevance of insights and under-resourcing.

Organizations can overcome these challenges by employing AI Foundation solutions and get prepared to AI adoption organization-wide. Easily integrated, they allow for a quick Proof of Concept to execute a pilot project and evaluate its business impact.

“By 2019, startups will overtake Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft in driving the AI economy with disruptive business solutions.”

                                                                                                                                                                                               – Gartner

80/20 Solution Concept to Accelerate Time to Market


out of the box to accelerate time to value

The in-house expertise we applied and tested on various customers, we turned into easy to integrate solutions that drive instant results, thereby accelerating time to value.


customizable for a competitive edge

The flexibility of our solutions allows for deep customization using industry-specific client’s data, environment and business processes, thereby driving a competitive edge.

Foundational Data & Machine Learning Services for AI Enablement

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