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Model N cuts operational costs, accelerates TTM, and optimizes TCO by migrating legacy on-premise platform to AWS

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Model N is the leading provider of cutting-edge revenue management solutions for enterprises operating in the life sciences, technology, and manufacturing industries


Model N struggled with ever-increasing TCO derived from inefficient IT operations, obsolete technologies, and hefty hardware support bills caused by legacy on-premise infrastructure.


Provectus revamped the technology and data platform, automated the product delivery pipeline, and migrated the entire IT infrastructure, enterprise applications, and client’s accounts to a secure AWS cloud environment.


Model N was able to reduce TCO by 40%, shortened Release Cycle and Time to Market by 2x, improve product quality, and lower their customer subscription costs, thereby realizing a positive impact on overall business performance.


Reduction in TCO


Shorter release cycle


Faster Time to Market


Performance improvement due to automation




Model N arrived at the decision to migrate their legacy on-premise platform to the cloud, because:

  • Product releases were slow and inconsistent since they required multiple and redundant manual processes to be conducted, which affected end users
  • Technologies and tools used by the IT operations were obsolete and inefficient, which resulted in overheads and operational mistakes
  • Hardware support bills increased since datacenter operations were growing rapidly, which negatively impacted TCO

Migration to the AWS Cloud could help Model N reduce operational costs, accelerate time-to-market for the product releases, and reduce TCO while driving change for their IT operations team.

The migration could also assist Model N to differentiate its product offerings among competitors on the market and spur growth due to more competitive pricing, fast and regular updates, and efficient tech support.

Model N approached Provectus to conduct the migration of their platform to the AWS Cloud.


Provectus conducted a series of assessment sessions and hands-on workshops to deep dive into Model N’s legacy on-premise platform and assess the proposed solution design.

A blueprint for a new, cloud-based platform architecture designed to increase the IT’s operation performance, reduce management & maintenance costs, and improve the CI/CD pipeline was created.

Model N’s customers were migrated to the cloud first, with related IT operations automated in the cloud for the cloud.

  • AWS WorkSpaces was used to enhance the platform’s security and to create a unified migration environment
  • AWS Tags allowed to reduce human error by enabling the client to transparently manage the unique environments
  • AWS CloudWatch was utilized to enable and implement an efficient monitoring system
  • DNS was migrated to Amazon Route 53, which allowed to create, change, and delete DNS records in an automatic manner
  • Redundant manual tasks and processes were automated, which allowed the core engineering team prioritize product development instead of “firefighting” and performing scheduled activities by the checklist

As part of the migration and automation process, a new platform architecture using AWS’ IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models was designed and implemented.

Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS were used for data storage to ensure the solution’s reliability, scalability, fault tolerance, and integrability with other AWS tools in the future. To meet PII standards, selected customer-specific environments were located closer to end-users.

Manual and recurring tasks were automated and fit into automation pipelines called “robots.” Development & Production received their own automation layers. Security and compliance protocols were improved.


Model N migrated their legacy on-premise platform to the AWS Cloud, which allowed them to mitigate such issues as redundant manual tasks, slow and inconsistent product releases, inefficient operational performance, and “firefighting.”

As the gaps of their obsolete on-premise platform were mitigated, Model N managed to reduce Customer subscription costs, enhance product quality, and optimize their internal IT operations, which spurred the company’s growth and had a positive impact on overall business performance.

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