AI Transformation

Transform the way you do business by unlocking the power of AI


AI transformation is the process of driving digital transformation through Artificial Intelligence. By enabling use case-focused AI solutions, we augment and reinforce your business to generate value organization-wide.

AI Adoption Scenarios

For Tech Visionaries

We engage with technology executives to design the AI adoption roadmap for your organization, including major business KPIs and success metrics essential to getting management buy-in on a business level

For Business Leaders

We work with business leaders to develop a strategy and a roadmap for AI transformation encompassing their business vision, investments, KPIs, technology capabilities, and the timeline for AI adoption

Organizations come across a few critical challenges pertaining to culture, organization, and skills throughout the AI adoption journey. They find it hard to broadcast the potential value of AI across their organizations, to select specific AI use cases to implement, and to hire AI/Ml pros with the right skillset. All of those issues can be resolved through a framework below.

AI Adoption Journey


Discover AI

Discovery Workshop

  • Define business objectives
  • Determine exact KPIs
  • Evaluate cost vs. impact for each 1% of improvement
  • Estimate ROI


Implement AI

PoC & Delivery

  • Operationalization
  • Solution integration with the existing applications
  • Deployment in the cloud
  • Integration with the client’s processes


Scale AI

Managed Services

  • Supporting live users
  • Supporting the client’s IT team
  • Upgrading the solution
  • Implementing ongoing fixes of P1/P0 issues
  • ML models maintenance and retraining hours

Discovery Workshop

Your organization’s journey to AI adoption begins with a Discovery Workshop — a customer engagement that helps accelerate Proof-of-Concept delivery and measure business impact.


Seeking to reinforce your business for a competitive advantage?

Don’t have a data science organization that drives innovation?

In the midst of a digital or cloud transformation?

Deep Dive

  • Use case qualification
  • Data discovery
  • Solution architecture
  • ML problem discovery
  • Adoption roadmap


  • Solution architecture
  • Adoption roadmap
  • SOW for PoC

Start with a Discovery Workshop. Kick off your AI transformation journey!

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