AI Transformation of Your Organization

Transforming your organization to unlock AI’s potential value at scale


Embarking on the AI Journey

The 80/20 solution concept is our secret sauce to accelerate Proof-of-Concept delivery and predict a business impact. Start with Discovery Workshop and get your Solution Concept ready in just two weeks.

Discovery Workshop

  • Use cases identification & qualification
  • Data discovery & assessment
  • Solution architecture
  • ML problem statement
  • AI adoption roadmap

Proof of Concept

  • Implementation of the 80/20 solution concept to accelerate PoC
  • Testing, finetuning, and solution validation according to business goals and predefined KPIs


  • Operationalization
  • Solution integration with the existing applications
  • Deployment in the cloud
  • Integration with the client’s processes

Managed Services

  • Supporting live users
  • Supporting the client’s IT team
  • Upgrading the solution
  • Implementing ongoing fixes of P1/P0 issues
  • ML models maintenance and retraining hours

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