Defect Detection With Amazon Lookout For Vision

Increase product quality and reduce operational costs by amping up your anomaly & defect detection initiatives

Identify anomalies
faster and at scale
with AI & AWS

Businesses are looking to detect defects faster, at scale, and in the earliest stages of the production cycle. They seek to increase product quality and reduce operational costs by minimizing scrap and rework, and by scaling down manual work. Amazon Lookout for Vision makes it easier for organizations to build computer vision-based anomaly and defect detection solutions and to go beyond rule-based machine vision systems. With Amazon Lookout for Vision, they can reinvent quality control processes, scale and enhance the efficiency of industrial processes.

What Is Amazon Lookout for Vision?

Amazon Lookout for Vision is a fully managed anomaly detection service that makes it easier for organizations in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries to identify anomalies, missing components, and differences in object images.

Amazon Lookout for Vision Is Used For Detection Of


Various Anomalies
and Defects


Damaged or Missing


Irregularities in
Manufacturing Lines


Wear and Tear of
Machine Parts


Scratches and


Uneven Distribution

Major Features
of Amazon Lookout for Vision

Identification of various anomalies, such as defects, missing components, scratches, discoloration, wear and tear, and other irregularities
Highly accurate anomaly detection, even when images of objects vary in orientation, lightning, and more
Built-in anomaly annotation and training of supervised models
Feedback and re-training to improve model performance
Anomaly metrics management for process improvement
Easily scalable across multiple product lines and stock-keeping units
Ease of implementation: no in-house systems or ML expertise needed

How It Works

Images that have been captured and prepared for detecting anomalies in a specific manufacturing line are uploaded as a dataset to Amazon Lookout for Vision. Data is labeled and processed to train a highly accurate machine learning model.


Provectus — An Amazon Lookout for Vision Launch Partner

Provectus is proud to be an Amazon Lookout for Vision launch partner. We are committed to helping our customers leverage Amazon Lookout for Vision across a wide range of industries, to improve quality control and reduce operational costs through intelligent anomaly detection.

Machine Learning Competency Partner

Provectus is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with a strong track record of CV and anomaly detection solutions. AWS Data & Analytics, DevOps, and Machine Learning Competency Partner.