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Provectus Launches a Series of Webinars on ML Infrastructure, MLOps, and Data Quality

Provectus, AI-first consultancy and solutions provider.

PALO ALTO – March 04, 2021 — Provectus, a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy, has launched a series of free live webinars covering the foundational components for AI adoption in business, including Machine Learning Infrastructure, MLOps, Feature Store, and Data Quality. The webinars have been released and are now available on demand.

During this series of webinars, experts from Provectus and Amazon Web Services (AWS) emphasize the importance for organizations to begin their AI journey by building a secure and compliant machine learning infrastructure as a foundation for successful AI/ML projects.

Each subsequent webinar zeros in on the specifics of implementing and using the elements of machine learning infrastructures, including Data QA, reusable Feature Store with reproducible data preparation pipelines, reproducible experimentation and model training pipelines, CI/CD, production monitoring, and model re-training.

Provectus also shares its vision for the evolution of modern infrastructures for machine learning, and provides original reference architectures featuring AWS and Amazon SageMaker services, Kubeflow, and various open source tools.

In addition to Data and ML Engineers, the webinars are aimed at technology executives and decision makers, and management level tech roles. Participants will learn why ML infrastructure, MLOps, and reproducible ML are key to enabling the delivery of AI projects and ML-driven innovation across their organizations, faster and on a larger scale.

The full list of on-demand webinars is available below:

Note: The webinars include a special offering from Provectus — Machine Learning Acceleration Program, a pilot program designed to help businesses build a robust machine learning infrastructure for AI.

Provectus will continue to host webinars about different aspects of AI and machine learning adoption, to drive business value. Stay tuned, and register for our next webinar here.

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