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Provectus Achieves the AWS Generative AI Competency to Help Customers Drive Value from This Disruptive Technology

Provectus, AI-first consultancy and solutions provider

PALO ALTO, March 6, 2024Provectus, an artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy and solutions provider based in Silicon Valley, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Competency, marking a milestone in its AI journey. This specialization recognizes Provectus as an AWS Partner that helps customers and the AWS Partner Network (APN) drive the advancement of services, tools, and infrastructure pivotal for implementing generative AI technologies.

Generative AI, with its potential to add between $2.6 and $4.4 billion annually to the world economy, is transforming industries through innovative applications, ranging from content generation and document processing to protein engineering and genetic design. Achieving the AWS Generative AI Competency differentiates Provectus as an AWS Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success, helping customers harness the power of generative AI, maximizing their potential to accelerate innovation, realize business value, and achieve success in the digital landscape. Provectus possesses the experience and expertise demonstrated through successful projects addressing customer challenges using generative AI solutions. These solutions enable digital transformation strategies for augmenting the customer experience, delivering hyper-personalized and engaging content, streamlining workflows, and delivering actionable results powered by generative AI technology from AWS.

“Innovation in AI is at the heart of everything we do at Provectus. From the outset, we recognized the transformative potential of generative AI and swiftly aligned our engineering expertise to harness its value for our clients,” says Stepan Pushkarev, CEO & CTO of Provectus. “AWS has been pivotal in this journey, offering essential insights, services, and models to stay ahead. Achieving the AWS Generative AI Competency is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients, our partners, and our continuous growth at the edge of AI innovation.”

Provectus has been an active participant in the AI and machine learning (ML) domain working with AWS. The company earned the AWS Machine Learning Competency in 2018, paving the way for a successful relationship where Provectus has leveraged the power of AWS to drive digital and AI transformations for its customers.

Provectus holds a strategic vision that extends beyond technological advancements. Our commitment to democratizing generative AI is crucial in helping customers transition from theoretical generative AI applications to impactful real-world solutions.

Provectus leverages the power of AWS to provide its customers with multiple pathways to integrate generative AI into their business operations. This enables Provectus to guide businesses in leveraging generative AI from the onset, transforming their ideas into impactful, real-world applications on AWS.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that has achieved the AWS Machine Learning Competency, AWS Data & Analytics Competency, AWS DevOps Competency, and AWS Migration Competency designations, Provectus is proud to add the AWS Generative AI Competency to its list of specializations, to drive innovation in the AI/ML space for our customers and partners. Provectus will continue to build on the journey with AWS, embracing the power of AI and generative AI to reimagine the way businesses operate, compete, and deliver customer value.

The AWS Competency Program aims to assist customers in connecting with AWS Partners who possess extensive knowledge and technical expertise in using AWS technologies and best practices to adopt generative AI. These AWS Partners facilitate the seamless integration and deployment of AWS-based solutions to meet the unique needs of all customers, from startups to global enterprises.

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