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Provectus and Anthropic Team Up to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption and Drive Business Growth

Provectus, AI-first consultancy and solutions provider

PALO ALTO, April 15, 2024 — Provectus, an AI consultancy and solutions provider, announced today that it has joined forces with Anthropic to accelerate the adoption of generative AI in business. This collaboration aims to leverage Provectus’ deep industry expertise and Anthropic’s cutting-edge generative AI technology, unlocked through its family of Claude Large Language Models, to enable organizations to drive innovation and business growth in a secure and trusted environment.

Generative AI is poised to transform the global economy. Yet despite its potential to enhance business processes, from optimizing routine document processing and augmenting customer experiences to streamlining drug discovery operations, GenAI adoption poses challenges. This is particularly relevant for organizations in highly-regulated industries, such as healthcare, banking, insurance, and public sector. Successfully implementing and scaling customized GenAI solutions demands in-depth industry expertise and models that prioritize accuracy, reliability, and data security. Provectus and Anthropic combine these essential qualities to unlock business value for enterprises.

“As generative AI builds momentum, we’re seeing a surge in demand from customers in financial services, healthcare & life sciences, and retail who are ready to move generative AI applications to production,” says Stepan Pushkarev, CEO & CTO of Provectus. “Businesses are getting to recognize that generative AI is more than a new technology for specific use cases. It’s taking its place as an integral component of IT modernization, helping businesses to reimagine their operations. Our recent deployments confirm that generative AI can improve operational efficiency by 30% to 70%.”

Partnership with Anthropic is a strategic move that will help Provectus scale R&D, streamline operations with AI, and develop new GenAI solutions faster, and with minimal risk. Anthropic will provide Provectus with models to quickly transform customers’ GenAI vision into highly impactful, real-world solutions. In turn, Provectus will experiment with enhancing the performance of Claude models in industry-specific applications for insurance underwriting, intelligent search, knowledge management, and regulatory document processing. The collaboration will enable both Provectus and Anthropic to better align their engineering teams and fast-track their customers’ GenAI projects to production, without having to start from ground zero.

Provectus will access Anthropic’s models via Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers a selection of high-performing foundation models from leading AI companies, and Amazon via a single application programming interface. Provectus is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that has achieved AWS Generative AI Competency, AWS Machine Learning Competency, AWS Data & Analytics Competency, AWS DevOps Competency, and AWS Migration Competency. Provectus will take advantage of the broad set of AWS capabilities to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.

The partnership has already made an impact in the financial services industry. Using a Claude model on Amazon Bedrock, Provectus has developed a GenAI solution for the summarization of financial documents for one of its investment firm clients. The solution enables the client’s asset managers to analyze vast volumes of complex documents faster, helping them to assess investment opportunities at scale.

By combining Provectus’s comprehensive expertise in AI development and Anthropic’s selection of accurate, reliable, and secure models, both companies hope to accelerate the adoption of generative AI by making it easy for their customers to implement and scale tailored Gen AI solutions, and by enabling key use cases in a responsible manner.

About Provectus
Provectus is an Artificial Intelligence consultancy and solutions provider, helping companies in Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & CPG, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, and Internet businesses achieve their objectives through AI. Provectus is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit

About Anthropic
Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that specializes in the development of advanced AI models and systems. It has gained industry recognition for its contributions to generative AI technology by producing reliable research and creating highly impactful Large Language Models. Anthropic is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit