Every organization has its own corporate culture with its principles, values, ​​and traditions. These customs set the mood while working on a project, they create a healthy environment, and encourage positive relationships with the colleagues.

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Our Process

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HR Interview
Technical interview
Customer interview

Recruiting specialists at Provectus consult thoroughly with the customer’s, and form a comfortable and organized environment. Every customer has an assigned recruiting manager who is solely responsible for closing positions on the project.

We do not just hire regular individuals, we look for a “SWAN” (smart, works hard, ambitious, nice) in all our candidates. Provectus employees have high intellectual abilities, a great desire to develop personally and professionally, and an ability to easily communicate and cooperate with the team members and the customer. HR-specialists at our company are actively involved in the work lives of team members:

  • help the newly recruited members go through the probation period
  • conduct Performance Reviews
  • provide all the necessary conditions for learning
  • promote professional progression
  • facilitate conflict resolutions

We remain on excellent terms with all our colleagues, therefore, they gladly return to Provectus given the chance!

Our Vacancies

Professional Events

Provectus is a company where a great work environment meets even greater career opportunities. We think that investing in our employees' professional and personal development is very important, so we successfully conduct lots of professional conferences and trainings.

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We always welcome your participation in seminars, as well as the organization of meetings on the topic in which you become an expert. And in order to cover all of these areas, we have the following areas of study: English from Pre-intermediate to advanced level classes with Native Speakers, as well as Speaking Clubs. Soft Skills Clubs - the development of leadership skills, communication in the team, negotiating, time management and other resources; Expert Days (iOS, Java, Perl, QA, and many others) and Mobile Developer Day; presentations, training sessions, conferences, seminars, and a Hackathon.

The Work Environment

It makes sense that people who are happy with their work environment will work far more productively and happily, which is why we pay extra attention to our employees' workspace. The offices are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and global infrastructure.

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Social Gatherings

Finding a healthy balance between our work and social lives is very important, so we are trying to involve our co-workers in a Provectus social calendar to ensure that we stay productive on the job and at the same time have a satisfying and healthy social life.

Sport Events

Despite the active and productive work we do, we have always managed to find time for having fun with our colleagues. We are the organizers of the First IT Ping Pong League among IT companies in Odessa. We also have our own Provectus soccer team and participate in many more interesting sport events.

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