How Provectus Helped PSC Biotech to Automate and…

1 min read

In the healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) sector, strict compliance with regulatory standards is essential for developing, manufacturing, and distributing…

Rinat Akhmetov

Sr. Solutions Architect – Provectus

Nirav Shah

Principal Solutions Architect – AWS


The Democratization of Generative AI on AWS

13 min read

Generative AI is more than just a trend; it is becoming a business imperative. Organizations across the board, from large…


AI-first consultancy and solutions provider.

Amazon Bedrock Is Now Generally Available. Here Is…

9 min read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just rolled out the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that is…

Pavel Borobov

Staff Solutions Architect

Rinat Gareev

Staff Solutions Architect

Stepan Pushkarev

CTO & Co-founder


How Provectus helped to Implement MLOps Infrastructure…

1 min read

The deployment of machine learning (ML) models into production environments can present a challenge, particularly when the models are already…

Marat Adayev

Machine Learning Solutions Architect – Provectus

Dmitrii Evstiukhin

Director of Managed Services — Provectus

James Burdon

Senior Solutions Architect — Amazon Web Services

An Instruction-following GPT-J Model Based on Instructions Generated…

10 min read

This article explores the challenges associated with accessing and utilizing large language models (LLMs) for natural language processing (NLP) applications,…

Bogdan Ivashchenko & Rinat Gareev

ML Engineer & Senior Solutions Architect at Provectus

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