Augmenting Sales and Marketing Operations in Financial Advisory Services with ML Lead Scoring

9 min read

In today's highly competitive market, financial advisors should be able to provide exceptional service to their clients, while also ensuring…

Marat Adayev

Machine Learning Solutions Architect, Provectus


Shaping the Future of Life Sciences: Innovations and Efficiencies Driven by Generative AI on AWS

11 min read

Today the life sciences industry is facing an era of unprecedented challenges — and opportunities — that have the potential…

Matt Ewalt

Executive General Manager, Practice Head – Healthcare & Life Sciences, Provectus

Rinat Gareev

Senior Solutions Architect, Provectus

Rinat Akhmetov

ML Solutions Architect, Provectus

Provectus Achieves the AWS Generative AI Competency to Help Customers Drive Value from This Disruptive Technology

2 min read

PALO ALTO, March 6, 2024 — Provectus, an artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy and solutions provider based in Silicon Valley, announced…


AI-first consultancy and solutions provider


Provectus at AWS re:Invent 2023: Leading the Charge in Generative AI Innovation

10 min read

AWS re:Invent 2023 event was more than just a conference — it was a celebration of the latest in cloud…


AI-first consultancy and solutions provider

How Provectus Helped PSC Biotech to Automate and Scale FDA Forms Processing with AI on AWS

1 min read

In the healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) sector, strict compliance with regulatory standards is essential for developing, manufacturing, and distributing…

Rinat Akhmetov

Sr. Solutions Architect – Provectus

Nirav Shah

Principal Solutions Architect – AWS

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