The Democratization of Generative AI on AWS

13 min read

Generative AI is more than just a trend; it is becoming a business imperative. Organizations across the board, from large…


AI-first consultancy and solutions provider.


Amazon Bedrock Is Now Generally Available. Here Is…

9 min read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just rolled out the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that is…

Pavel Borobov

Staff Solutions Architect

Rinat Gareev

Staff Solutions Architect

Stepan Pushkarev

CTO & Co-founder

How Provectus helped to Implement MLOps Infrastructure…

1 min read

The deployment of machine learning (ML) models into production environments can present a challenge, particularly when the models are already…

Marat Adayev

Machine Learning Solutions Architect – Provectus

Dmitrii Evstiukhin

Director of Managed Services — Provectus

James Burdon

Senior Solutions Architect — Amazon Web Services


An Instruction-following GPT-J Model Based on Instructions Generated…

10 min read

This article explores the challenges associated with accessing and utilizing large language models (LLMs) for natural language processing (NLP) applications,…

Bogdan Ivashchenko & Rinat Gareev

ML Engineer & Senior Solutions Architect at Provectus

Exploring Intelligent Search Solutions: A Comparative Analysis of…

11 min read

Amazon Kendra and LlamaIndex can help with knowledge integration but fall short in connecting diverse knowledge sources, to enable efficient…

Alexander Demchuk

Software Architect at Provectus

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